Timber Wolf Walkabout Fixed Blade Knife - Hand Forged Damascus Steel - Full Tang - Burlap Micarta - Genuine Leather Sheath - Bowie Tracker Survival Multipurpose Utility Outdoors Chop Saw - 9 3/4"


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  • Exceptionally versatile fixed blade knife as much at home in remote back country as it is a display case or fine cutlery collection
  • 5" Damascus steel blade - hand forged by Timber Wolf's seasoned bladesmiths; rock solid full tang construction
  • Multiple edges yield near-endless possibilities; forward edge oversized, extra robust for chopping; rear edge gently curved, great for more delicate work
  • Wicked, bitter serrations on blade spine; distinctive hand-filed scalloping accents spine, tang
  • Rugged burlap Micarta handle; unique crisscrossed pattering resembles muslin; ergonomically contoured for secure grip; four lanyard holes
  • Handsome-yet-tough genuine leather sheath; secured by multiple brass-finished snaps
  • Overall length: 9 3/4" - big enough to get the job done, yet plenty manageable and easy to transport

A multitalented beast beaming with uncommon beauty
If you can only take a single knife with you into the wilderness, Timber Wolf's "Walkabout" is a superb choice. Eye-catching and versatile, the full tang Damascus steel blade features a distinctive profile with multiple edges, each of which is particularly suited to different tasks. The front portion is oversized and robust, perfect for chopping, skinning and other especially rigorous jobs. Slightly concave and distinct from the front edge, the rear edge is great for more delicate tasks like debarking wood, slicing root vegetables and more. Even the spine boasts plenty of utility, with its craggy row of saw-like serrations. In spite of the blade's stout build, the Walkabout is extraordinarily well-balanced and easy to control, thanks in part to the ergonomically contoured handle.

Burlap - it's not just for gunny sacks, you know
Made of burlap Micarta, the handle is blanketed in an intriguing array of intersecting lines that - as the material's name suggests - recalls burlap or muslin. The distinctive figure is the result of burlap Micarta's unique internal structure, comprised of crisscrossing Micarta fibers. But interesting, though the handle patterning may be, the aesthetic star of the Walkabout is without a doubt the blade's hand forged Damascus steel.

Navigate the countless channels in the Walkabout's raging steel river
The Walkabout's blade is a raging steel river through which hundreds of distinct, contrasting lines flow. The lines twist, writhe, ripple and whirl as if swept up in some unseen current, forming captivating, near-hypnotic patterns across the surface of the blade. But this striking figure is more than just skin-deep, as each line represents a distinct layer of steel that forms the underlying fabric - nay, the very heart and soul - of the Walkabout blade. To put it plainly, the blade's spectacular patterning is the natural result of the ingenious, time-honored hand-forging technique utilized in its construction.

Rare beauty only seasoned hands could produce
Timber Wolf's seasoned bladesmiths still hand forge every Walkabout blade using a technique very similar to that employed by their ancient forebears. A smith fires a stack of steel strips - each a different alloy - in a white-hot forge until the metal glows cherry red. He then removes the stack and hammers it until it’s around half as thick as the original. Then he folds the metal onto itself lengthwise and hammers each half together. The process is meticulously repeated until the desired layering effect is achieved, at which point a final quenching strengthens the resulting blade blank and an acid etching highlights vivid contrasts in the layers. And the slow, laborious process itself it just the beginning!

Made of blood, sweat, tears and Damascus steel
To achieve sufficiently dramatic contrasts, Timber Wolf’s master smiths must expertly select an appropriate combination of steel alloys of varying color, luminescence and other visual qualities. For the sake of strength, resilience and countless additional blade factors, the smiths must also must consider each alloy’s distinct melting point, proper stacking order, forge temperature and myriad other variables. Simply put, an unbelievable quantity of blood, sweat and tears goes into every Walkabout blade, but lay eyes on it just once - or, better still, experience it in action - and you’ll know it was well worth the trouble. And like a steel snowflake or fingerprint, the patterning on no two Walkabout blades is exactly alike.

Explore the world you've been missing - embark on a cutlery "walkabout"
Venture beyond the noisy streets of the city. Trek further than the placid farms of the countryside. Go on a "walkabout" to undiscovered country and explore the territory you've been missing. Order Timber Wolf's Walkabout Knife today and forge ahead to new lands - in both the natural world and the world of cutlery.

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Customer Reviews

David Lagor
Apr 12, 2019
(4 out of 5)
Very nice

The quality is extremely 5star. The packaging was amazing and sealed in a bag of oil. The sheath is top knotch. The blade is med to large as description says(not sure about other review saying small or tiny because it’s not at all)The 4 star is simple because of the below subpar edge from the factory. And I know it no biggy because let face it, the first thing we do when we get a new knife is put a stone to it and get an edge you like on it right. Lol But the edge was so uneven and disgusting looking I could only laugh.


Paul Brazinskas
Apr 01, 2019
(3 out of 5)
Super small.

Work of art, it is tiny, very difficult to hold, both handle and blade super small.


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