Wire Wrap Full Tang Precision Katana Sword



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    This battle ready sword offers a full tang black finish 25 1/8" blade constructed from 420 stainless steel with a heavy blood groove design. Measuring 38 1/2" overall, this sword's hardwood handle offers a cast metal pommel and a wire wrapped grip. Includes hardwood leather wrapped sheath. United Cutlery, UC2521.

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    Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.35 out of 5
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    Write A Review

    Customer Reviews

    Dec 27, 2012
    (4 out of 5)
    UC full tang Katana

    Good sword overall in my opinion. Used it a few times on some softer materials (only because i wouldn't trust using it on hard woods/surfaces). Some simple sharpening made it easier to cut with, which wasn't a problem since i like sharpening things. I got this sword when it was priced at $40 which is a great price, even for a sword this good. Current price still makes it worth it, for sure. You Get What You Pay For, i always say. With my previous purchases through BudK, sometimes you get more than what you pay for.


    Daniel Voges
    Dec 08, 2012
    (4 out of 5)
    Precision Katana

    This is a good sword,It's balenced well and feels good in your hand. Normally I wouldn't consider a stainless steel blade on a sword to be battle ready especially 420,but in this case the broad blade gives the blade greater strength.420 is a soft steel but is easy to sharpen,and doesn't take much to put a razors edge on the blade. This sword can be used in cutting practice but only on soft objects like melons or pumpkins,I would not try anything harder. Please be careful when useing your sword it's a good idea to wear safety glasses when cutting anything.thank you Daniel Voges.


    [email protected]
    Jul 24, 2012
    (5 out of 5)
    Wire Wrap Full Tang Precision Katana Sword

    This sword is an amazing sword the hand is great doesn't not come loose easily has a nice feel to it swings well and the scabbard is very nice and very sturdy and durable this sword didn't come very sharp though so i suggest u get s sharpener also with this sword if u plan on getting it the scabbard has nice leather on it and the pummels are perfect and don't come loose and the blade is durable don't matter if its 420 stainless steel or not get this blade its worth the 40 dollars.


    Nicholas Gratton
    Mar 14, 2012
    (5 out of 5)
    Great Sword

    This sword is great! The edges were sharp which is good and the handle was nicely wrapped and has a good no slip grip. The only thing I noticed wrong with it was it was a little oddly balanced not at the tang but at the top 2 Chinese markings. Other then that it is WORTH the buy.


    Feb 25, 2012
    (4 out of 5)
    Wire Wrap

    This is my first sword that I own but I do know enough to know that this sword is good. The only problem so far is the tsuba has come loose partially, but isn't to much of a problem and is fixable. My only reason for giving it 4 stars was the metal as it is 420 stainless, and not so "battle ready" as advertised, It wasn't very sharp.


    Dec 01, 2011
    (1 out of 5)
    Wire Wrap Katana

    Any sword made out of stainless steel whether they claim it's tempered or not is a wallhanger, period. Stainless steel is too weak for a serious sword, that's just the laws of chemistry and physics. If you cut anything that's just a bit too hard for the weak bonds between the molecules the sword will shatter, just like on the now infamous YouTube video which shows this guy on the Home Shopping network banging a stainless steel katana on a table to demonstrate how "sturdy" it is? He ends up going to the hospital after the sword shatters and the sharp end of the sword impales him! These stainless steel swords are fine for non-cutting techniques and display, but a sword for cutting needs to be either tempered high carbon steel or Damascus!


    Andrew Keith
    Nov 01, 2011
    (4 out of 5)

    So I placed an order for this Friday, too late for the order to process until yesterday....looking forward to it's arrival! Piece looks rather nice, though the 420 stainless construction has me weary, as it is a very low quality stainless alloy....unless they use 420HC. Can't wait to show it off though!


    Dan O'Brien (Danjo Onimoto, I am Nisei)
    Oct 01, 2011
    (5 out of 5)
    Wire Wrap Full Tang Precision Katana Sword

    Fastest shipping I have ever seen! As a Martial arts practitioner and teacher, I am very critical of equipment used in our arts. This Katana however is one of the best made I have ever purchased outside of Nippon irregardless of price. Well balanced, correctly sharpened, handle wrapped to fit with "NO-SLIP-GRIP" and a no-mistakes wire wrap foundation on the handle. The blade has the beginnings of a true soul and can be bonded with by the owner. Domo sumimasen to ja mata BudK!


    Apr 20, 2011
    (5 out of 5)
    Full Tang Wire-wrap katana

    This item is just as advertised. Not a display piece. It's sharp, and ready to go. Very Nice.


    Jan 16, 2011
    (4 out of 5)
    It is WORTH buying

    I purchased this sword as one of my first two. However I do know a bit about swords. To be honest, without taking it apart, it does NOT feel like full tang, due to a faulty handle design, but it is. The blade came reasonably sharp, but curved at the end to the left. When I sent it back I received another that's curve was not as noticeable, but is still there. Also that handle was secure to the tang. This sword makes a great show peace, sleek, simple and elegant. It also makes a good weapon if need be, but I would not rely on a weapon of this metal for everyday use. Who am I kidding though. We live in America; a gun is far more useful.


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