Combat Commander Thai Gladius Sword


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  • 1065 carbon steel blade
  • Nylon fiber handle
  • Black hard coating on blade
  • Nylon sheath with shoulder harness included

You will be absolutely combat ready with the Combat Commander Thai Gladius Sword in your hands. The 20" sharp blade is of 1065 carbon steel and has a black hard coating finish. The handle is of nylon fiber and is as tough as they get! A nylon sheath with a shoulder harness lets you carry it with ease. It is 40" inches overall.

46 UC3142

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.57 out of 5
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Write A Review

Customer Reviews

Daniel Vrooman
Dec 25, 2017
(5 out of 5)

Got this for Christmas today from my dad. Extremely good quality blade and handle. The sheath is comfortable and easy to adjust and wear. I totally recommend this to anyone wanting a beastly combat sword.


Dec 16, 2016
(3 out of 5)

Thin and is slightly bent out of the box. Extremely sharp. I have the Combat commander Gladiator Sword and like it very much., this is why I bought this longer version. I find it to be thin and flexible. it is ok but not great.


Oct 22, 2016
(4 out of 5)

The sword is amazing!!!Razor sharp out of the box the only reason i gave 4 stars is i paid extra for 3 day shiping and it took 6 days but other than that FLAWLESS


Jun 23, 2016
(5 out of 5)

This a great sword, in every way, it could be an ounce or two heavier, but it's easy to use in close quarters or keeping a little distance, it can also be thrown very easy, with good distance do to the great balance. all in all must have, Glad I have it.


Ralston Heath
Jun 07, 2016
(5 out of 5)
Great sword

I bought this and found it to be of good quality. Yes it was sharp out of the box, but some work with the sharpener put a really nice edge to it. It is a real tool, stood up to the test abuse of a log and overgrowth (lots of small trees and large weeds) without a dent or folded/rolled edge. Sorry didn't try the water jug like the video did. The handle is nice, but still added some wrapped paracord as the handle got slippery when covered with plant juice. Overall a good value and worth the price.


Feb 28, 2016
(5 out of 5)

Wonderful quality and razor sharp out of the box. This is a steal for the price I am very satisfied.


Feb 20, 2016
(5 out of 5)
United has really stepped it up!

First off, the sheath isn't the best but for $50, who cares! The blade has proven to be much tougher than it expected it to be. It's not a very thick blade, and it will wobble if you shake it hard enough. Don't let that fool you. I've recently found out that 1060 iis favored among sword makers for its flexibility and hardness. It has a perfect balance. I was able to hack two fat logs in half with no damage too the blade. It didn't even dull it. It has a perfect balance for throwing like a spear. I've done that once and the blade went about 3 inches into a tree. I was afraid it would break the tip, but it is still needle sharp. I kinda abused it thinking that it was too flimsy...I don't think that anymore. In fact, if the same product was made with a harder steel, I doubt it would of held up to how I was testing it. As long as you hit hard targets at a clean angle, it will stay sharp. It's sharp out of the box. I didn't think it was that sharp at first, than I sliced my finger while trying to adjust the shoulder strap. Be careful when doing that because the plastic toggle came undone and the blade unsnapped and fell to the ground barely touching my finger. I had to get stitches. The cut was deep but so clean that I didn't feel the pain right away. It really doesn't need to be any sharper than it is out of the box. The balance, weight, and leaf shaped blade will all work together to chop or slice through more than you think. That's another thing, the weight. It is so light and balanced you can easily use it one handed. I don't recommend doing that until you've gotten used too the blade. The cut in my finger has made me respect this blade and use with caution. It's always my favorite blades that I end up cutting myself on. I've never had to get stitches because of it though. I want to give a shout out to United. It's like they have read my mind with the designs of their 2016 line of products. I can't wait for the Honshu war sword to come out. This Thai gladius is a really fun design.,I think it is the imagination of their latest products that have really moved them up in front of my other favorite blade manufacturers. Not to mention the price. My last three purchases from Budk have been United Cutlery products, and they have all exceeded my expectations. I'm now thinking about buying a higher quality sword from them as a result. I'm guilty of thinking of United as a poor boys Cold Steel. Now I'm seeing much better performance and originality than Cold Steel or any other competitor. Sometimes a low price can turn people away. Don't be stupid like me. Give United a chance before wasting your money on some over priced pease of hype.


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