M7 Bayonet Knife - Replica; Made for use on Vietnam-Era M-16 Rifles - NEW
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  • Exact reproduction of Vietnam-era bayonet
  • 9" stainless steel blade with blood groove
  • Black checkered heavy duty handle
  • Solid stainless steel guard and butt
  • Includes leather sheath
  • Overall length: 14 1/8"

This is an exact replica of the M7 bayonet issued by the US military during the Vietnam War to fit M-16 rifles. The fully functional piece is equipped with a 9" full tang stainless steel blade with a heavy blood groove. The black checkered handle features heavy duty construction and provides a superb grip. The guard and butt are also of solid stainless steel. A leather sheath is included. Barrel ring may have to be milled to fit over different muzzles. Come on, we know, as a collector, you're drooling over this replica! Go ahead and treat yourself!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.27 out of 5
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Great! Reviewed by James Pool on Aug 26, 2018   5 out of 5

Wonderful knife I was afraid it would be bad because of the price. But no it is excellent I have worked it into my weekly edc knife rotation now.

Great tool Reviewed by robert nelson on Aug 19, 2018   5 out of 5

Sturdy, looks great and sharpens up real well. I had to use a dremel to get it over my Ar15 flash hider but now it fits and locks up tight. Well made.

Nice Knife Reviewed by William Green on Jul 30, 2018   5 out of 5

Really didn't think this bayonet would be made this well for $10 bucks and free shipping. Really pleased with it. I have AR 15's and do not know if it will fit them because that is not why I bought it. I just thought it was cool. Sharpens up nicely and will probably just leave it in my truck for chores. Fast shipping too. Thanks Kennesaw.

Was ever a knife more misunderstood? Reviewed by Wayne Willick on Jul 14, 2018   5 out of 5

Hi, Kids! James Bond once said "Was ever a man more misunderstood?". That's the feeling I get about this knife (or bayonet, or whatever) from the reviews. First off, it's not a gen-you-wine military issue item right from Uncle Sam's hands to yours. It's a Chinese made stainless steel replica that sells for under ten bucks. Jeez, what do you expect? Excalibur? Set your expectations a bit lower. That being said I'll admit that I have no idea whether it fits an M-16 or not since I don't currently own one. I bought it as a knife that I can take outside and generally abuse for camping, gardening, fishing, etcetera and that's inexpensive enough not to worry if I loose it or break it. And that's where it shines (literally, it's polished stainless steel). It's big and thick and heavy and as long as you don't try any He-Man stunts with it it'll do the job. The only weak spot is, of course, where the blade is joined to the tang so don't use it as a crowbar. The handles are pretty heavy plastic and the sheath is good quality leather. I suppose that you could modify the end of a hiking stick to fit the barrel ring so you could use it as a spear or pole-knife if things get ugly on the trail. So unless you're planning a trip to the Amazon this will do very nicely and the price is right. Thanks for looking, and keep watching the skies!

Reviewed by Timothy Heirscsh on Jun 09, 2018   5 out of 5

Great knives for $9.99 I'm a machine is so I build the titanium adapter so I didn't have to adjust a lugs on the knife I also put a brass ring in the hoop so it'll fit over my flash suppressor and it is really great now

Good Knife Reviewed by Grace Burnett on Jun 07, 2018   4 out of 5

Came a bit dull but sharpened nicely. Does not fit the lug but like other comments here a bit of work and it can.

M7 bayonet Reviewed by David Mccullen on May 04, 2018   5 out of 5

Excellent Bayonet didn’t fit on my ar Took me about 10 minutes with the Dremel tool and it works on my Ar now Can’t beat it for the money I would buy it again. It’s definitely worth five stars for the money Think you

Surprised Reviewed by Nathan Luna on May 14, 2017   4 out of 5

The knife seems pretty sturdy and solid all around also sharpens very nice. Doesn't quite fit the standard bayonet lug, it's too thin to fit in the lug but other than that pretty good knife

Nice price Reviewed by on May 12, 2017   5 out of 5

This does not fit the Colt AR-15 E2 HBAR 20" barrel which is supposed to be a civilianized M-16 ??.... That ridiculous "loop" that is I guess supposed to fit over the flash suppressor is waaay too large & like others have stated...The "replica" bayonet does not engage the barrel lugs...BUT... IT is WELL worth the price as far as a good edged & pointy knife/sheath combo... send the Chinese some correct AR-15 specs & I'm sure they'll get it to fit an AR-15 correct.... THEN it'll be a GREATER bargain

Great deal Reviewed by Steve Frey on Mar 15, 2017   5 out of 5

Very happy with the bayonet sturdy, and great price.

1 - 10 of 129 Reviews (View All)